Sarah Brooke As The Candle Burns

Heroine Sarah Brooke has landed herself into a bad situation this time. Her captor is quite diabolical - if a little behind the times. Villains these days are using digital timers and things like that but this guy is old school. He likes the simple basics of a candle burning the string which releases the weights into a freefall in which the second rope attached to the weights will yank the stool out from under our hapless heroine. Maybe she will get lucky and the candle will gutter out....or a breeze will come along (in an airtight, soundproof creepy basement?) and blow it out. Maybe she will manage to untie herself in time? Look over the details while you watch this scary predicament unfold and see if you can find a weakness in the situation. Some way she can even remotely have a chance of surviving.  And good luck with that. ;)

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